Curriculum Review Advisory Committee

District Curriculum Review Advisory Committee

The purpose of the District Curriculum Review Advisory Committee (DCRAC) is to ensure active community participation in planning and improving the instruction and curriculum and to make recommendations to the School Board on issues including district-wide education standards, curriculum, assessments and program evaluations. The committee meets six times during the school year to review the work of teacher curriculum committees and provide feedback.

Curriculum Review Advisory Committee

Public Representatives

  • Jennifer Soydara - Chair
  • Kimberly Everson
  • Sheri Johnson
  • Paul Mayer
  • Tony Rendz
  • Jane Stock
  • Marc Rinke
  • Jon Fransen

District Representatives

  • Ryan Johnson - Assistant Principal
  • Jennifer Krause - Elementary
  • Kari Flatau - Middle School
  • Lisa Schlosser - High School
  • Melissa Hermes - School Board
  • Carri Thompson- Curriculum Coordinator
  • Jerry Ness- Superintendent

Interested in serving on the Fergus Falls DCRAC Committee?

Parents/guardians of student attending the Fergus Falls Public Schools, as well as interested community members, are encouraged to apply. Applications are available by calling the curriculum office at 998-0544 ext. 9002.

Curriculum Review Cycle, 8 Year

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